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Saber Blade Types

The blade is the portion of the saber which extends from the saber hilt and is made of polycarbonate or nylon tubing – typically ranging from 30 - 63 inches in length. To become a true saber master, one must posses knowledge of the three main types of saber blades.

(LED strip)

The Component Blade (LED strip) is composed of a circuit board strip of light-emitting diodes (LED) in the blade.

Some blades have LEDs surface mounted on either side of the circuit board, some have cutouts in the circuit board where the LEDs are attached with in the cut out.

The LEDs run the length of the blade, enclosed inside a diffuser tube and is installed inside a Polycarbonate or Nylon blade.

  Durability Ratings 2 - 6

(EL sheet or wire)

The Component Blade (EL sheet or wire) is composed of either a sheet wrapped around the inner circumference of the blade tube or an electroluminescent (EL) wire running the length of the blade and is enclosed inside a diffuser tube. This set up is then housed inside a Clear or Colored Polycarbonate blade.

  Durability Ratings 5 - 9

(Luxeon / hilt light source)

The Non-Component Blade (Luxeon / hilt light source) has no inner electronics and gets it's illumination from a single super bright (class 2 laser) that is mounted in the emitter of the hilt.

The Blades are fitted with plastic or optical film diffusers that can allow for a variety of visual appearances by having different blades with different types of film inside.

These different looks range from a solid beam to a semi transparent or textured look... some even have the appearance of a laser core beam inside the tube.

  Durability Ratings 5 - 7